Engineering Design & Manufacture

Our team of experienced designers are in place to provide bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

Next Level Design

All equipment is designed in 3D using Solidworks Premium software which verifies the design through collision detection, finite element analysis and simulation (if required).

Bespoke engineering solutions to meet your needs.

Equipment is manufactured within our closely controlled supplier network, with professional manufacturing drawings created for all items ensuring that all quality requirements are captured and that accurate manufacturing records are maintained, this ensures that all equipment has full traceability and is easily repeatable in the future.

These engineering design processes are fully compliant with our ISO 9001 accreditation and the latest data management software has been implemented to ensure that all digital information is fully controlled and managed correctly.

For any bespoke tooling Tool Tec are able to output the 3D geometry into generic file types to enable it then to be imported into any ROV simulator to allow interface checking and operational “real world” simulations to be performed.

Build Under License

At Tool Tec, we are often asked by our clients to build various equipment under license as it offers them the ability to issue a single purchase order and circumnavigate the requirement to engage with multiple vendors covering a range of disciplines from Supply Chain, Engineering, Technical, QHSE etc. Streamlining their entire procurement process.

We have a team of experts at the ready.

Looking to tool up for your next project? We’ve got the solution you need at our fingertips… Let’s talk.