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3 Way Zero leak Locking Hot Stabs

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ToolTec’s 3-Way Zero Leak Hotstabs (Mechanically Actuated stab system utilises a set of subsea rated wet-mate flat faced couplers, which when pushed together by the ROV, automatically connect and mechanically lock together. The stab will then remain mated and locked together, until the ROV physically pulls on the ROV handle, effecting the unlock and de-coupling of the hydraulic connections. This arrangement assures a near zero leak criteria, with less than 0.1mL ingress/discharge per line during each make/break operation.

Key Features

 Less than 0.1ml of oil discharge or water/air ingress per line upon disconnection / connection operation.

 Maximum working pressure = 360 BAR (5220 PSI).

 Port sizes & recommended max flow:

2 x 3/8″ BSPP – 50 LPM (13.2 GPM) MAX

1 x 1/4″ BSPP – 30 LPM (7.9 GPM) MAX

 Male stab automatically mechanically locks into female receptacle when fully engaged.

 To release: Pull ROV handle, the pull force (approx 30kgf) acts directly onto the locking sleeves of the couplers, effecting both unlocking and separation.

 Standard tool fitted with paddle style multi-purpose ROV handle (other handle types available).

 Fitted compliant mount to aid alignment during engagement.

 Can be used at any water depth


 Female = 3.4kg (in air) / 2.5kg (in water)

 Male = 7.9kg (in air) / 6.5kg (in water)

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