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API 17D Class 1-4 Torque Tool

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Tool Tec’s Torque Tool is compliant to ISO 13628-8 fig 18 (API 17D) and provides a means to actuate valves, clamps and other equipment that require torques of up to 2,700Nm. The tools in-built turns and torque sensors can provide feedback to a suitable subsea display or control system. The reaction lugs incorporate a docking latch that ensures a secure attachment to the ISO receptacle. Its “smart” multi-socket interface allows operation of class 1-4 valve interfaces during a single dive without the need for reconfiguration.

Key Features

Fully compliant to ISO 13628-8 fig 18 (API 17D) class 1-4 Torque Tool

“Smart” multi-socket class 1-4 interface eliminates tool reconfiguration time on deck.

In-built turns count and torque transducer for feedback to subsea display or suitable control system.

Hydraulically operated latches to secure to interface.

Operates from 300Nm to 2,700 Nm with 5:1 multiplier. For torques below 300Nm, multiplier can be replaced with a direct drive shaft.

– Can be configured for manipulator operation with ROV handle or mounted to a FLOT for flying lead operations.

– Manufactured from lightweight anodised aluminium, stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

– Hydraulic input: 207bar / 20lpm

– Can operated with either ISO 22/32 mineral oil or environmental ester based hydraulic fluids (such as Panolin HLP SYNTH/ Atlantis).

– Approx. weight: 44kg (in air) 35kg (in water)

– Depth rating: 3,000msw.

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