Cleaning and Inspection Tool – Extended Reach Module

When there is a requirement to perform cleaning and inspection operations of the surrounding conductors, caissons, structural guides or support elements, this can now be achieved using the Tool’s Extended Reach Module.

The module consists of a hydraulically actuated extension arm which provides a 180° pivoting platform for the T4 – 7-function manipulator arm, giving the tool a 4.3m radial reach from the centre of the conductor or caisson down which it is deployed. This provides the tools with the dexterity and reach required to accurately position cleaning tools and inspection sensors to the locations where access was often unachievable.

– 180° rotating extension arm fixes directly onto the 360° rotating carriage of the cleaning and inspection tool

– A T4 manipulator bolts directly onto the end of the extended arm

– Pan and Tilt camera mounted on mast to ensure a good view of all operations

– A range of manipulator deployed cleaning and inspection tools have been developed and can be provided, dependent on project requirement