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Splash Zone Cleaning and Inspection Tool (Up to 36″ dia)

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Got a splash zone inspection project? Tool Tec have developed a splash zone cleaning and inspection tool that can be platform deployed, capable of cleaning and obtaining inspection data from varying sizes of caisson and conductor.

A suite of tools have now been developed that can be utilised on a wide range of conductors from 36” diameter down to 20”, but larger or smaller diameters can be accommodated by re-packaging the same basic elements.

Key Features

– The modular design means the tool can be configured dependent on project requirements.

– The bolted construction allows quick and simple repositioning or replacement of components

– Robust rotating carriage allows 360° cleaning and inspection coverage

– State-of-the-art control system with capacity for additional functionality and user-friendly GUI.

– Wheels units with spring tension for running and hydraulic actuation for holding station.

– Can accommodate multiple methods of cleaning…

  • Flailing head(s),
  • Brush head(s),
  • High pressure water jetting nozzle(s)

– Can accommodate multiple methods of inspection (dependent on client requirements)

– Approx. weight: 1,350kg (in air) 950kg (in water)

– Dimensions: H: 2,000mm, Dia: 2,000mm

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