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Fluid Injection Backpack

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Tool Tec’s Fluid Injection Backpack is ideal for many applications and can be supplied with interface kits for fitment to the aft of most workclass ROVs. The unit can be fitted with a variety of equipment to suit the requirements of the specific project.

The unit is designed to supply pressurised media through an intensifier pump providing an output pressure of up 10,000psi. Its dual media pump means the circuit is split into a low-pressure input side and a high-pressure output side. On the low-pressure side, the panel has adjustable valves to allow pressure and flow control, depending on the required output of the pump.

On the high-pressure side there is a pilot operated directional control block providing an A&B function from a single input (quantity can be increased if required). A hydraulically operated valve on the output side provides a means to lock in pressure for use during back seal test operations. The panel has a safety relief valve on the high-pressure side to ensure the pump cannot exceed a predetermined output pressure.

Key Features

Can be hydraulically configured to suit any client requirement.

Optional fluid capacity (80L bladder or 2x16L compensators).

Interface kits available to allow integration to most WROVs.

Typically fitted with 3,000 msw buoyancy (payload and depth can be configured to suit client requirements)

Hydraulic requirements…
o Input: 210bar / 40lpm
o Output: dependent on setup

Dimensions: ~1.5m x 1.5m x 0.5m

Weight in air – ~400kg (dependent on setup)

– Weight in water – Neutral (dependent on setup)

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