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Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)

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The Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) is designed for use with a Class 1-4 Torque Tool to engage, transport and dock flying leads. The tool can be installed with a Tool Tec Class 1-4 Torque Tool and adaptor kits can be supplied for fitting 3rd party torque tools.

The FLOT can pitch the torque tool +60deg to -90deg from the horizontal and rotate the tool ±20deg from the vertical position with a load of up to 350kg.

The tool’s mounting base provides a platform for mounting the tool to the forward structure of the ROV or skid. The pitch and roll functions are controlled from the ROV’s spare directional control valves.

Key Features

Plus 60deg to minus 90deg Pitch

± 20deg roll angle

Counterbalance valve on pitch actuator

350kg payload

Supplied in foam lined transit case

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