GR 29 Grinder

The Stanley GR29 is a right angled grinder that can be used for grinding and cleaning operations in underwater applications with capacity for a variety of wheels, brushes and attachments.

Pre-fitted with a ROV friendly handle suitable for both parallel and interlocking manipulator jaws.


 Capable of accomodating discs up to 9” diameter

– Nominal flow 35 LPM

 Stainless Steel spools and fasteners

 3200 rpm (dependant on flow)

 Weight 7kg (in air)

 Adjustable wheel guard for multiple positions of use

 Hydraulic oil ISO 22 or 32 grade

 Supplied in secure transit case dimensions: 620mm(L) x 620mm(W) 430mm(H) (30kg)


Available Options:

 Brushed cleaning heads

– Diamond cutting discs

 Diver handle

 Tooling control Manifold, for controlling pressure and flow to the grinder if the ROV does not have these functions available.


Whats in the box:

 Stanley GR29 Grinder with ROV handle

– Attached hoses, 2 x ½” C/W 8 JIC

 6 x carbide cutting disk and 6 x carbide grinding disk.

 Operational spares box

 User manual