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Hydraulic Pressure Intensification Panel

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As part of our ROV tooling kit, the Hydraulic Pressure Intensification Panel is used to run subsea tools that require a greater hydraulic pressure than is available from the host Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). It simply connects between the tool and the HPU to allow the subsea tools to function at their intended supply pressure – up to 690 bar.

Key Features

Mounted compactly on an aluminum base plate.

Supplied with integral pressure gauge.

– Connects to the HPU on deck

– Connects to tool (pressure) via 3/8th 10k psi hose and 3/8th 4.7k psi rate hose (return)

Integral pressure relief valve to prevent over pressure in system.

– Quick (dis)connect connections on the subsea side

– Approx. weight in air – 10kg (including hoses)

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