Manual Low Torque Tool (Petrobras)

The Manual Torque Tool is designed to allow the ROV manipulator operation of Petrobras type rotary torque interfaces. The tool limits the torque that can be transmitted from the ROV manipulator to the valve stem during an ROV intervention operation, mitigating against the possibility of excessive torque being applied, ensuring damage to the valve does not occur. The tool is fitted with an integral, adjustable torque limiting clutch which can be pre-set for torque ranges of 20 – 200 Nm. The tool comes supplied with multiple front sockets which are easily changed to suit the required interface.


 Adjustable maximum torque setting from 20 to 200 Nm.

 Tool supplied with a calibrated torque wrench to allow accurate torque setting adjustment and pre-dive verification.

 Simple torque setting adjustment (without the need to dismantle the tool).

 Lightweight construction and minimized tool length allow for easy ROV operation.

Can be supplied with any or all sizes Petrobras socket (1-1/16”, 1-1/4”, 1-5/16”, 1-3/8”, 1-7/16” A/F Hex) or slotted socket suitable for 3/4″ T-bar

 Standard tool fitted with fishtail style multi-purpose ROV handle (other handle types available).

 Fitted with torque resistant compliant mount.

 Can be used at any water depth

Approx weight in air – 14kg

Approx weight in water – 12kg

 Supplied in a foam lined transit case.