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ROV Operated Ball Valve

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Tool Tec can supply standard design or bespoke variations of ROV actuation interfaces for the operation of hydraulic ball valves by ROV, either by manipulator or via a suitable torque tool.

This particular ROV Operated Ball Valve design incorporates a “standard / topside” ball valve that has not been externally pressure rated, which when used subsea, we would only recommend for use in pressure compensated systems or shallow water depths. This presents a more economical option from the subsea rated ball valve, however, the customer requires to be comfortable with a valve which hasn’t been externally pressure tested.

Key Features

Working pressures available up to 20,000 psi

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel (other materials are available).

Receptacle designed to prevent over torque damage to the valve and to ensure fully closed and fully open positions.

ROV Interface max. torque 250Nm / Valve max. torque 75Nm

Earth connections points on rear.

Weight: 8 – 12 kg (dependent on valve and material spec).

 Available Options:

Alternative mounting arrangements.

Optional bore sizes and pressure ratings.

Various valve configurations, port sizes and connections.

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