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ROV Super Grinder

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Looking for ROV cutting tools? The Tool Tec 18in ROV Super Grinder is primarily suited to subsea steel cutting operations, however, can also be configured for use as a rotating cleaning tool. The tools drive hub has been designed such that it can interface with a range of cutting discs (e.g. 9in grinding/cutting discs) or cleaning heads such as a nylon brush or flail (shown below). Fitted as standard with an ROV D-type handle suitable for both parallel and interlocking manipulator jaws.

Key Features

Capable of accommodating discs up to 18” diameter

Hydraulic requirements…

    • Nominal input flow: 50lpm
    • Nominal input pressure: 207bar
    • Hydraulic oil: ISO 22 or 32 grade

Choice of ROV handles available (D-handle, fishtail or T-bar)

Size: 600mm x 550mm x 400mm

Weight in Air: 55kg

Weight in Water: 45kg

Supplied in secure transit case


Available Options:

Operational spares box

Variety of cutting and grinding discs

Brush cleaning heads

 Tooling control Manifold, for controlling pressure and flow to the grinder if the ROV does not have these functions available.


Whats in the box:

Super Grinder with ROV handle

Hoses: P&T – 2 x ½” R2T c/w 8 JIC swivel ends, 5m LG, Case Drain – 3/8” R2T c/w 6JIC Female Swivel Ends, 5m LG.

 User manual


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