Schilling UHD Multi-purpose Tooling Skid

Due to market demand ToolTec has identified the requirement for a multi-purpose, standard design of tooling skid suitable for connection to the Schilling HD ROV System. This skid incorporates a hydraulically actuated front tool storage tray which can be use for storing a number of manipulator deployed tools. The rear of the skid features a large open area to fit customer specific items such as IHPU, pressure intensification module or mounting of compensators/bladders, jetting / suctions units etc.

  Up to 4000 MSW depth rating (3000 MSW standard)

 Up to 100kg payload capacity (dependent on bouyancy configeration)

  550kg in air weight (base skid 50kg lift)

  Unique slider / bearing deployment system for basket tray suitable for deploying large tooling modules

 Integral strong points on front of skid frame for FLOT bracket mounting

 Large space within the skid for dedicated tooling modules

 Integral doppler mount for relocating ROV doppler within skid frame

 Compressive & tensile load tested framework.

 Compliant mounting posts for easy installation to ROV

 Supplied with lifting adapters for easy deck movement

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