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Seabed Jetting Probe

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Tool Tec’s Seabed Jetting Probe is ideal for establishing solidity state prior to conducting dredging operations. The Jetting Probe is contained in a lightweight frame which is designed to allow fitment to a workclass ROV (Schilling HD ROV shown but others can be accommodated if required). With the ROV located on the seabed, the operator would release the lance and allow it to penetrate the seabed with assistance from the 15Kg free weight and jetting from the Dynaset pump. Once maximum penetration has occurred, the depth can be read from the graduated indicator utilising the ROV cameras. The lance is then retracted by means of a leadscrew and secured by a hydraulically operated latch.

Key Features

Dynaset pump provides means of seabed fluidisation.

Ø25mm heavy-duty stainless-steel lance with jetting nozzle provides up to 2m of seabed penetration.

Graduated scale allows ROV to read seabed penetration using onboard camera.

Hydraulically driven leadscrew to safely recover jetting lance.

Aluminium framework can be designed for attachment to any WROV (Schilling HD shown)

Dimensions: 2167mm x 530mm x 489mm

Weight in seawater: ~100kg

Supplied with hoses and wooden transit crate

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