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Tool Tec Observation Class ROV

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Explore depths up to 305 meters with our certified Observation Class ROV, boasting ISO 9001:2015 and IEC 60945 compliance. This compact, 17.3 kg (38.1 lbs) ROV features a 1080p camera with 120o field of view, 2 x 1500 Lumen lights, and a robust Linux OS. Swiftly operational within 60 seconds, it offers 500 GB topside and 120 GB onboard storage, HDMI output, and optional WiFi connectivity. With a range of accessories available, including manipulator arms and sonar systems, this ROV promises versatility and high-performance exploration.

Key Features

– Certifications ISO 9001: 2015, IEC 60945, items 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.7

Depth Rating 305 m (1000)

– Max speed 6 kn Maximum speed test conducted with ROV fitted with Performance Float Block and absence of all ballast weights

– Topside Unit Weight 18.6 kg (41.0 lbs)

ROV Weight 17.3 kg (38.1 lbs) ▫ Estimated dry weight

-ROV Dimensions 578 mm (22.76″) long, 412 mm (16.22″) wide, 285 mm (11.22″) height

– Lights 2 x 1500 Lumen front

-Cameras Internal Front: 1080p with tilt control

– Camera Tilt Angle +/- 75 o Pitch (vertical rotation)

– Camera Focus Range From the face of the housing dome to infinity with manual control

– Camera Field of View 120o field of view

– Primary LCD Display 15″ TFT active matrix panel, 1600 nits brightness (full daylight readable), 1024×786 resolution. Optional 2000 nits available

– Secondary LCD Display 10.1″ TFT Touch active matrix panel, 1000 nits brightness (full daylight readable), 1280 x 800 resolution

– Video Output HDMI video output

– Data Storage 500 GB solid state drive topside, 120 GB solid state ROV

– Topside Unit Software OS – Linux OS

– IMU (Sensors) Always on, Integrated with accelerometer & magnetometer measuring telemetry including tilt, roll, pitch, and heading, auto heading, auto depth functionality

– Depth Gauge Calibrated in meters or feet (user selectable)

– Topside Power Input: 100/240 V AC 50/60 Hz, System fully operational in 60 seconds

– ROV Power Power over tether

– ROV Control Joystick / knob control (IP 65)

– Topside Control Case Waterproof Pelican case, transport requires one person, IP 65 when closed, IP 62 when open

– On-Screen Display (OSD) Real-time data including recording time, voltage, water temperature, depth, date/time stamp, heading and altitude is overlaid or embedded with video, Operator input lines available as, GPS co-ordinates displayed as overlay option when paired with accessory, enabled data entry field with customized logo available

– Settings Internally saved, persist through power cycles

– Wireless Optional WiFi video broadcast to multiple devices simultaneously via integrated antenna, Wireless specification 802.11 ac/b/g/n on 2.4/5 GHZ

– Tether System Optional rapid deployable, neutrally buoyant tether with water-tight cable connections, optional tether deployment system available

– Tether Length 500 m (1640.4) maximum tether length

– Available Accessory Attachments Single axis manipulator arm, 360 o Rotating manipulator arm, USBL, Hull crawler, Metal thickness gauge, Positioning & tracking system (above water), Sonar; Tritech MicronDST,
Tritech 720im, Tritech 720ik, Blueprint Subsea Oculus

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