Service, Repair & Maintenance

Let our expert team repair, refurbish and service your tooling and ROV related equipment.

Service & Upgrades

Tool Tec can offer competitive pricing for all repair, service and refurbishment of various tooling and ROV related equipment.

Typical examples include:

– Maintenance and repair of class 1 to 4 torque tools and control systems.

– Tooling skid / back packs refurbishment and upgrade.

– Mechanical / hydraulic refurbishment of work class ROV’s and tether management systems.

Tool Tec can upgrade your existing equipment to your required specification or alternatively Tool Tec can review the current status of your equipment and provide a proposal for its upgrade to improve reliability and reduce potential down time in the field.

Hydraulic Testing

Tool Tec has a proven track record of hydraulic testing, pressure testing and hydraulic circuit fault finding. Following on from assembly all hydraulic equipment is both pressure and function tested as part of its Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

By use of modern data logging techniques digital data can be extracted and supplied in graphical or excel format.

For testing high flow equipment with small reservoirs such as ROV tooling skids and back packs, Tool Tec tests the equipment whilst submerged in fresh water to prevent the equipment overheating.

– Hot stabs & receptacles

– Hydrocarbon sampling vessels

– Fluid injections skids

– Motor / pump performance verification (Dirty Work Packs)

– High flow pressure drop analysis through bespoke subsea connectors.

– Hydraulic cylinders

Instrumentation Pipefitting

Expert instrumentation pipefitting using single and twin ferrule, JIC and Autoclave systems, both metric and imperial can be accommodated.

All pipework and fittings assembled within manufacturers guidelines.

Large diameter tube forming including high pressure and heavy wall tube.

Pipework can be supplied from customer supplied isometric drawings.

This service is also available to our customer on location at their premises, if required.

Equipment Certification

Tool Tec prides itself on the level of testing which is performed on our products prior to delivery.

All equipment that Tool Tec produces is certified to all relevant industry and international standards.

Examples of this include:

– Extensive testing of prototype tools

– Factory acceptance testing of completed equipment

– Calibration of equipment i.e. sampling pumps, compensator volumes (LVDT)

– Pressure testing of hydraulic items

– Tank testing: skid, back pack trim testing.

– Load testing & certification of equipment.

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