Equipment rental for ROV & Splash Zone Inspection

Cleaning and Inspection Tools for use in and around the splash zone of your fixed platform.

Helping you inspect those hard to reach areas safely.

The splash zone area of a fixed platform presents several challenges for integrity management of caissons and conductors. Due to the rough sea states and proximity to structures, it is extremely hazardous for divers to work and challenging for ROVs to operate.

Tool Tec have developed a range of cleaning and inspection tools that can be deployed from a platform, capable of cleaning and obtaining inspection data from varying sizes of caissons and conductors.

The current range of tools can accommodate pipe diameters from 20” up to 44”. However, due to the tools modular design, different sizes can easily be facilitated by simply re-packaging the same basic elements, as required.

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Tool Tec have the technical know how and expertise to deliver industry leading tooling solutions to your splash zone inspection projects.

Extended Reach Module.

These Splash Zone Cleaning and Inspection tools were primarily designed to clean and inspect the condition of conductors and caissons onto which they were fitted.

When there is a requirement to perform cleaning and inspection operations of the surrounding structural guides, support elements and/or adjacent conductors and caissons, this can now be achieved using the Tool’s Extended Reach Module.

The module consists of a hydraulically actuated extension arm which can be bolted directly to the tools 360° rotating carriage. This arm is fitted with a rotary actuator providing a 180° pivoting platform for the T4 – 7-function manipulator arm. This provides the tools with the dexterity and reach required to accurately position cleaning tools and inspection sensors to the locations where access was often unachievable.

Repair Methodology

Tool Tec have been involved with the design, manufacture and installation of various types of conductor and caisson repair clamps.

We have remotely installed a number of the Type 2 Conductor Guide Funnel Repair clamps and the Type 5 Conductor Structural Repair clamps over the recent years. Although the clamps were not an in house design, the installation tooling and methodology were to Tool Tec’s design and specifications.

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