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Front Mounted, Retractable Scanner Frame

ToolTec were approached in June 2014 by one of its key customers to design and manufacture a front mounted, retractable scanner frame for an operation in Russia.

The frame had to be designed to accommodate the maximum number of scanner modules possible whilst not affecting vehicle launch capability, vehicle manoeuvrability or survey speed.

In addition the framework had to be completely “non magnetic” to ensure that there was no background interference to the scanner array. Dimensional accuracy was also a key requirement as the spacing of the scanner units within the array had to be within 1mm.


ToolTec managed to design, manufacture, assemble and test the equipment within 2 weeks of receipt of purchase order for the equipment.

The supply of parts included multiple machined parts, aluminium weldments and hydraulic cylinders. ToolTec were able to call upon their close network of suppliers to ensure that the equipment was manufactured in the required timescale to a high quality.

Feedback from the client received to date has been positive in that the equipment is working perfectly and they have even managed to increase their survey speed significantly more than planned due to the rigidity of the frame work.